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Our Story

Coast New Zealand represents everyday luxury that is made for life. Smart enough to take anywhere and tough enough to last the distance, Coast New Zealand invites you to escape every day.

Coast represents everyday luxury that is made for life.


Our History

We started out as a specialist supplier to super-yachts - and this remains a significant part of our business. In consequence, we continue to borrow many of the materials and methods that were previously the reserve of luxury yacht-building: Contemporary ocean-going sailing yachts must be comfortable, even opulent, and yet withstand the harshest conditions at sea. We aim, in our own small way, to emulate the exacting standards of modern boat builders in our choice of materials and use of good design.

By necessity, our approach to product development is radically different to most other manufacturers: while they are busy trying to strip out costs, our design process is focused on ensuring that every product that bears the Coast brand is built for life.

Accordingly, while our best-known products are often imititated, in the long run, they remain peerless.

The majority of our products are hand-made to the highest standard right here in New Zealand.

In 2003 Nicola and Alex Webster started Coast New Zealand with the specific goal of establishing a luxury brand that would reflect New Zealand’s unique quality of life. From the outset, we have drawn inspiration from the rewards and challenges of life by the sea: simple, relaxing and beautiful, but rugged and unforgiving. Inevitably, our design process has concentrated as much on materials and construction as on aesthetics and style, to ensure that everything we make is not only enduring, but timeless.


Our Guarantee

We are so confident in the design and construction of our products that we offer a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. In the case of our luxury outdoor beanbags, we offer a 5-year guarantee against fading and deterioration on all Sunbrella beanbags. This means that they cost a little more, but on the other hand, the longevity of most other outdoor beanbags is measurable only by their half-life in a land-fill.

Attention to Detail

Our attention to detail is rigorous and uncompromising, because, after all, every product is only as good as its weakest component. Accordingly, we always use the most enduring fabrics and parts that we can find and that are equal to the task at hand. In the case of our Marine Bean and Isla collections, we use Sunbrella marine-grade fabrics (others use the cheaper, furniture-grade Sunbrella, but we found it insufficiently robust for constant exterior use). Furthermore, we hand-make the majority of our products to the highest possible standard right here in New Zealand, ensuring that we can maintain the strictest control over quality and workmanship. This is demonstrably not the cheapest way to make a product, but we believe that it is the best way to make a product well – something we know that you will come to appreciate after many, many years of enjoyment.


Coast New Zealand invites you to escape every day.

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